Sanity Line

The Arcane Revolution Trilogy

An illustration of a mechanical man dressed in the 19th century's fashions. Illustration by Carter Doody

Each Crisis, an Opportunity

The War with Carcosa might be won, but little is left of the nation that won it. The defeat of the Phantom of Truth and the collapse of Maria-Cassilda might have banished the forces of the Yellow Host but they did nothing to repair the damage done to Tererra or Kraterburg. Worse, the seals destroyed by the Cult of the Sleeping Eye, which allowed the free use of magic that caused the war in the first place, have yet to be repaired.

There is a conspiracy to change all of that. Aaron Cluny, backed by the LeCruset family’s trade empire, is rebuilding the city of Kraterburg, and he has enlisted the help of Saffron Academy head Malvolio Coultier to do it. Malvolio has made little secret of the fact that he’s designing a new, modernized seal. But he’s lying to everyone - Aaron, Donnovan Kline, and Agency Division - about exactly what his design will do.

Meanwhile, Athena Valkoinen is determined to finalize her grandest ambition - and assume the leadership of the country entirely, with only the Coultiers and their military loyalists to stand in her way. For his own part, Vidcund Därk has a choice of his own to make; become a king… or a god.

Coming c. 2026

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