Sanity Line

The Arcane Revolution Trilogy

A mostly black-and white illustration in which a man stands near a chair, back-lit by a large window. The man is holding his side, having been injured. He is holding a blank, featureless mask and has a police officer's badge on his belt. A hand extends from beyond the chair the man is leaning on, suggesting the presence of a body. Illustration by Carter Doody

Ipsa Scientia Poestsas Est

Since the tragedy of 1994, Agency Division have weilded their authority over matters arcane with relative impunity. Enforcers like Vidcund Därk, collectively known as the Men in Black, serve a single purpose - the absolute eradicaton of magic and those who would use it. This is not an uncommon goal - a group of rogue arcanists known as the Grey Angels have much the same outcome in mind.

There are those, however, who would stand in their way. When a respected mathematics professor obtains a translated copy of the Pnakotic Manuscripts, the hunt is on to determine how he got hold of it. But soon, a bigger crisis unfolds - one that Agency Division can’t keep under wraps. How long can Vidcund tolerate his every move being monitored by a veteran homicide investigator? With their newfound reach, can Agency hope to stop history for repeating itself?

Beginning it’s life as a web serial, Sanity Line is the first in a trilogy of novels about eldrich lore, government overreach, and the collapse of civilizations. Already in print through Kindle Direct Publishing, Sanity Line is available in both paperback and ebook (epub) format through Amazon. The current prologue and first chapter are appearing here for the first time on the web; they are edited versions that were previously exclusive to the print edition.

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