Sanity Line

The Arcane Revolution Trilogy

An illustration of a surly blonde man in a business suit. He is reaching for a firearm under his jacket and his eyes are glowing blue over the edge of his sunglasses. Illustration by artist Carter Doody.

The more you have, the more to lose…

For some, the Zaxton Archipelago is an idyllic place. Crime is at a respectable low, the economy has recovered from the downturn it suffered due to events at the turn of the century, and technology is making the people’s lives easier than ever. That’s not to say Schrattal is a utopia - far from it. What crime there is, Schrattal handles through its National Police Force, a unified organization of formerly-municipal police forces. When foreign foes brandish their sabers, the Self-Defense Forces are there to keep the civilian population safe. And for everything else, the ruling College of Judges has its Agency Division - part intelligence agency, part secret police, and touching the lives of every sentient being in the Tallische Union.

Meet Vidcund Därk. He’s an enforcer for Agency Division - one of the infamous “Men in Black”, with a reputation for callous, ruthless success. He’s in charge during the routine supervision of a prominent lecturer’s debut of a new mathematical theory - and unaware that an old friend of the professor had put Agency’s target in posession of forbidden lore. Soon, with the reappearance of an old enemy, Detective Niles Clayton of the National Police Force gets involved, and thereafter, nothing is going according to plan.

Beginning it’s life as a web serial, Sanity Line is the first in a trilogy of novels about eldrich lore, government overreach, and the collapse of civilizations. Already in print through Kindle Direct Publishing, Sanity Line is available in both paperback and ebook (epub) format through Amazon.

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